Candy Order Levels

In Candy Crush Saga, there are five types of levels: target score levels, jelly levels, ingredient levels, timed levels and candy order levels.

Candy Order Level

The objective of a candy order level is to clear a certain amount of candies (normal and special) in a certain amount of moves while also fulfilling a minimum amount of points!  Once the objective is completed, the remaining moves left will become striped candies and they will be activated on Sugar Crush.

These levels can be very tricky. and there are over 110 candy order levels and on your board, you will find that the level icon is pink, like  candycrush134!

Tips on Candy Order Levels


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Match two striped candies together


Match a wrapped candy and a color bomb together


Match a striped candy and

a color bomb together


(from top to bottom)

Match two striped candies together,

match two wrapped candies together, activate a color bomb

  • Know what the symbols mean. On the board of an order level, there will by symbols that indicate what orders you need to fulfill to pass the level. With regular candies, it’s fairly straight forward but the symbols can be a bit confusing if you’re new to order levels.



  • If in an order level, you have to get much more of one candy color than another (say the order is 40 green and 99 blue), focus on the higher amount. Cascading combinations should take care of the smaller amount.
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In level 165, you need to get 99 blue but only 25 green. Focus on the blue!
  • If you need a lot of one particular candy in an order level, try activating a color bomb for another color–this will open up specific color moves.

List of Every Candy Order Level in Candy Crush Saga

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