Candy Crush Episodes

In Candy Crush, there are 545 levels in “reality” (530 for Android and iOS users) and 185 levels in “Dreamworld” (140 for iOS and Android users). All of these levels are placed into units called “episodes.” Each episode consists of its own story, cute mascot, and alliterative name. With the exception of the first two episodes in reality  (“Candy Town” and “Candy Factory”) and the first two in Dreamworld (“Sleepy Slopes” and “Funky Factory”), each episode has 15 levels for you to play!

When you reach the end of each episode (“Candy Factory” on Facebook and “Lemonade Lake” on iOS and Android), you need to meet certain requirements in order to move on to the next episode. For Facebook users, you need to get three of your Facebook friends to give you a ticket in order to cross over to the next episode. Android and iOS users need to buy three gold bars, one for each ticket you need. Another thing you can do is complete three different daily quests.

For the Dreamworld episodes, each episode mirrors an episode in reality. The main difference between these worlds is the level of difficulty. The Dreamworld levels are often much harder. Although, this isn’t the rule. A good exception is level 30 of Dreamworld.

At this time, there are 37 episodes for the reality portion of the game and 13 episodes for the Dreamworld portion. Need more levels? Keep an eye out for new updates because King adds to their levels all the time, building new episodes every few weeks.

Reality Episodes

      1. Candy Town: 1-10

      2. Candy Factory: 11-20
      3. Lemonade Lake: 21-35
      4. Chocolate Mountains: 36-50
      5. Minty Meadow: 51-65
      6. Easter Bunny Hills: 66-80
      7. Bubblegum Bridge: 81-95
      8. Salty Canyon: 96-110
      9. Peppermint Palace: 111-125
      10. Wafer Wharf: 126-140
      11. Gingerbread Glade: 141-155
      12. Pastille Pyramid: 156-170
      13. Cupcake Circus: 171-185
      14. Caramel Cove: 186-200
      15. Sweet Surprise: 201-215
      16. Crunchy Castle: 216-230
      17. Chocolate Barn: 231-245
      18. Delicious Drifts: 246-260
      19. Holiday Hut: 261-275
      20. Candy Clouds: 276-290
      21. Jelly Jungle: 291-305
      22. Savory Shores: 306-320
      23. Munchy Monolith: 321-335
      24. Pearly White Plains: 336-350
      25. Fudge Islands: 351-365
      26. Pudding Pagoda: 366-380
      27. Licorice Tower: 381-395
      28. Polkapalooza: 396-410
      29. Soda Swamp: 411-425
      30. Rainbow Runway: 426-440
      31. Butterscotch Boulders: 441-455
      32. Sugary Shire: 456-470
      33. Cherry Chateau: 471-485
      34. Meringue Moor: 486-500
      35. Ice Cream Caves: 501-515
      36. Sour Salon: 516-530
      37. Sticky Savanna: 531-545

Dreamworld Episodes

      1. Sleepy Slopes: 1-10
      2. Funky Factory: 11-20
      3. Juicy Jacuzzi: 21-35
      4. Aurora Chocorealis: 36-50
      5. Lollipop Lanterns: 51-65
      6. Twilight Egg: 66-80
      7. Crazy Crossing: 61-95
      8. Nerdy Nebula: 96-110
      9. Bonbon Baths: 111-125
      10. Sparkle Submarino: 126-140
      11. Cookie Cabana: 141-155
      12. Dizzy Dessert: 156-170
      13. Cotton Carnival: 171-185


Candy crush also has worlds (World 1-7). There are currently seven candy crush worlds in reality, each contains six episodes, except for world seven, which has only one episode so far. For Dreamworld, there are currently three worlds to play in. Each contains six episodes, except for the third world which, as of right now, only has one episode. Since each episode is about fifteen levels, each world has around ninety levels for you to play and enjoy.

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