Candy Crush Dreamworld Cheats

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld answers, guides and cheats are here to help you beat every Dreamworld level in the Candy Crush Saga game! In December, the makers of Candy Crush Saga released an entirely new world called Dreamworld. It is available on all Android devices and all iOS devices, iPod, iPhone Touch and iPad.

Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld looks very familiar to the rest of Candy Crush but there is one big new feature Odus The Owl.

How Does Candy Crush Dreamworld Work?

In Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld, you are given a board that might look similar to early Candy Crush levels. But in these, you have to keep track of Odus the Owl and his crescent Moon. moonstruck

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Odus’ moon will be flanked on either side by certain candy colors. You have two options: equally clear the candies of this color or avoid these candies all together.

With every move you make, Odus’ moon fills up with more and more yellow. When it is completely yellow, you will get a Moon Struck which is a little like Sugar Crush only better! Moon Struck happens in-game and will randomly clear one color completely off your board. IF your level has enough moves (usually more than 25), you can get multiple Moon Struck’s in a game! Moon Struck is very useful for fulfilling minimum score levels and for bringing down ingredients! There are currently 80 Dreamworld levels, with more being added! Any player who has passed level 50 of the regular Candy Crush Saga has automatically unlocked Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. Go check it out today!

All Dreamworld Levels

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