Candy Crush Boosters

In Candy Crush, you can buy boosters! Either through Facebook or on your smart phone, you have the option to purchase different boosters to help you defeat a level! On harder levels, sometimes you’ll get a booster for free on your starting board.

Tip: By connecting your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch to Facebook, you earn free boosters!



Lollipop Hammer

You can use a lollipop hammer at any point in the game to eliminate a candy from the board.



Jelly Fish

When activated, a jelly fish will eat 3 random jellies on the board. A jelly fish is like a candy. They come in the same colors as candies and are only activated when matched with 2 candies of the same color.



Coconut Wheel

A Coconut Wheel is only available on ingredients levels. Turns the three adjacent candies into striped candies. If you swipe the Coconut Wheel with a striped candy or a color bomb, it turns the whole row into a striped or color bomb.



Lucky candy


Free switch

Free switch allows you to switch two adjacent candies that don’t match



5 extra moves

Select an extra 5 moves at the end of your game to fulfill any missed objectives!




Bomb cooler

A bomb cooler will add 5 more moves to all bombs on your board–helping you delay the explosion and set up a move to clear them.



The Bubblegum Troll

The Bubblegum Troll booster will blow away all chocolates and block any chocolate fountains for five moves.



Sweet Teeth

Sweet Teeth will eat their way through blockers on your screen. Select the booster and watch as a random assortment of chocolate, meringues, lockers, licorice swirls and marmalades.



Extra time

An extra time booster can be activated only during timed levels. It will give you an extra 15 seconds.




Striped and Wrapped

A striped and wrapped booster can be used to start a new level, you will automatically get a striped candy and wrapped

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Comments (8)

  1. alice says:

    Can i download it in my windows tablet????

  2. alice says:

    can i down load candy crush in windows

  3. Lillie Morgan says:

    What happen I was on Facebook for some reason I’m off now i can’t get boosters or ask friends for moves.

  4. JoAnn Prince says:

    can you use gold bars to pass a level

  5. Chloe Matthews says:

    Boosters can bring out the best in the game of Candy Crush Saga. Love the free boosters though. Some levels give you those. Check out how you manage to work out the levels without boosters in case you can’t avail of them. Check the video tips at
    http://www.gameru.com/game/candy-crush-saga .

  6. James Matthew Martin says:

    I can never get the 99 lives or boosters that is advertised on Facebook what is the problem always takes me to an endless survey???????