How To Get More Free Lives in Candy Crush

How do you get more lives for free in Candy Crush Saga without having to wait a single minute? Use this cheat and you will never have to wait for your lives to refill again. If you just set the date on your phone forward, you will get full lives for free and never have to pay again. Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry: you won’t have to download any sketchy programs or hack into your device. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android, follow these steps to change your phone’s Date and Time and get free Candy Crush lives!


Candy Crush Extra Life  for Facebook

Prefer to play Candy Crush on Facebook, but keep losing? Here’s a great trick you can use to gain an extra life!  Start by opening up a new tab with Candy Crush in your browser (keep the original one open as well). You should have two tabs open. Now, when you lost your last life in the original tab, you’ll still have another one in the new tab! Keep in mind: this trick can only be done when you have one life left. It will not work for multiple lives. 

Candy Crush Free Lives for iOS (UNLIMITED!)

Step One: Leave Candy Crush and go into the Settings page of your mobile or tablet device, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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Step Two: Tap the “General” page
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Step Three: Scroll down to “Date & Time”


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Step Four: Turn “Set Automatically” off and then tap the time and set the clock forward 2 hours.


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Step Five: This will refill 4 out of 5 lives!


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Candy Crush Free Lives for Android 



Step One: Leave Candy Crush and go to Settings on your device.


Step Two: Scroll the screen down to  “Date & time”

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Step Three: Tap the checkmark next to “automatic date & time” and make sure it’s off


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Step Four: Tap the “Set time” option


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Step Five: Set your clock ahead 2 hours.


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That should do it!

With this cheat, you will never have to pay the .99 cents for Candy Crush lives again! If you follow these simple rules, you can regenerate a full set of lives in no time. Keep in mind that after you advance the clock, you can’t start playing.  You need to go back and change the clock back to the regular time before you start playing or else when you switch it back it will make you wait a very long time to generate a life regularly.  Enjoy playing unlimited Candy Crush with this

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  1. Marguerite Fenech says:

    Every time I try to log onto CC my IPad blacks out and returns me to my home page. It’s not my laptop because everything else seems to work ok. Anyone else with this problem? ( I was up to level 57)

  2. Joyce Casalicchio DiSanto says:

    I have been stuck on level 86 for weeks. even read how to cheat or tips and still cans’t get it. I hate this..