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Candy Crush Saga is the biggest Facebook, Android and iOS game in the app store! Start mixing and matching the sweetest candies under the sun right now.



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This .gif is the result of a special candy combination being activated in a game of Candy Crush.

In this game, you match 3-or-more similarly colored candies to clear them from the board. If you form 4-or-more candies, you make a special candy with its own unique properties. Every level is different, sometimes your objective will be a minimum score or to complete the goal in a certain amount of moves. There are also timed levels! As you progress through the game–there are over 500 levels–you’ll encounter new characteristics, characters and gameplay options.

Candy Crush Saga is a great combination of new and old–it’s like familiar video games (like Bejeweled) with modern twists! And the game is constantly building on itself and evolving so just when you think you know every thing about Candy Crush, it will surprise you!

Interested in taking a shot playing Candy Crush Saga? You can play Candy Crush on iOS, Android, and Facebook. Follow the links below to download Candy Crush Saga on the iTune App Store, Google Play Store, or Facebook


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