Candy Crush Tips and Strategies!


The ultimate and succinct Candy Crush guide, with tips, strategies and cheats to help you beat every level of Candy Crush Saga!

Whether you’re a new player to a game or a pro–it’s always good to have these Candy Crush tips under your belt! We have the general tips, guides and cheats for Candy Crush! Get a few tips on how to improve your overall playing of this addictive and incredibly fun candy-matching game. Keep reading for hints on how to best play the game and cheats you didn’t even know existed!

Candy Crush Tips

Candy Crush Tip 1: Know your goal


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Pay attention to what every level wants from you (what are the objectives?) and if there’s a score minimum, keep your eye on that bottom bar to make sure you meet the first star mark. There are 5 different level goals in Candy Crush – Target Score, Jelly, Ingredient, Timed, and Candy Orders.

Candy Crush Tip 2:  Don’t always take “flashing” suggestions


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When you take too long to make a move, Candy Crush will suggest a move to you. Sometimes, this is useful for refocusing your board strategy but the suggestions aren’t always the best moves! Take what game provides with a grain of salt–they aren’t always in your best interest!

Candy Crush Tip 3: Three is good but there’s better options out there!


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Match four candies to form a striped candy, match five to make a color bomb and if you form an L or T, you’ll get a wrapped candy. Read more about special candies here.

Candy Crush Tip 4: Jelly doesn’t move.


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So if you swap a candy out to make a combo that doesn’t affect the jelly-spot, the jelly will remain. It doesn’t travel with the candy.

Candy Crush Tip 5: Start at the bottom.


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This increases movement in the board. If you’re having trouble making combinations or you have a lot of jelly to knock out, making the “lower” move on the board is going to benefit you more in Candy Crush. If you’re trying carefully to form special candy combinations, then this technique is a little too unpredictable for you.

Candy Crush Tip 6: Every few moves, take a minute to study the board again!

Candy Crush Tip 7Don’t get focused on one area of the board and forget the rest!


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Especially in meringue or jelly levels, you can get too distracted on clearing one side and forget another. Remember to keep balanced and keep your objective in mind.

Candy Crush Tip 8: If you’re playing an untimed level, you can reset your board on mobile!
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Open the level, look at the board, if you’re dissatisfied, go back to the main menu and tap the level again. You won’t lose a life and your board will be different (note: only works if you don’t make a move in the level first). You will lose any power ups you select, though.

Candy Crush Tip 9: Change time for extra free lives!

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How to change your time on an iPhone to get extra Candy Crush lives

If you’re playing on mobile and you lose lives, go into your phone’s settings and set the time ahead 2.5 hours, this will fully recharge your lives (if you’re feeling lazy, just go ahead 2 hours for 4 lives). This is a great tip if you’re playing before bed or on your commute! Just don’t forget to reset your clock to the right

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  1. Shannon Jarnagin says:

    I play on my phone and my I pad. Why does it take sometimes days for my I pad to go to the neshannpnxt level. I have been stuck on 92 on my phone and am stuck on 91 on my I pad not sure why it isn’t the same on both

  2. Strick says:

    Hate the new updated version! Obnoxious. Doesn’t show how many jellies cleared as it did previously. On Level 350 for a very long time!!!?

  3. Shannon Jarnagin says:

    Why cant I have same levels on my phone and tablet. I am level 92 on my tablet and 95 on my phone. Is there a way to sinc the two

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  5. Edna Slack says:

    help!!!! I’m new!!!
    finished level 20 and it tell me to click on unlock to refresh the page and get my ticket to unlock but I do it and nothing happens????