Special Candy Combinations

So, you now know how to form special candies in Candy Crush, but that’s only half of the battle. Did you know you can combine two of them to activate a super candy-crushing move?

Striped Candy Combos

Striped Candy + Striped Candy 

When you combine two striped candies, both are activated horizontally and vertically. Even if you combine two striped candies with stripes facing the same direction, one will still go horizontally and the other will still go vertically. These are especially useful in levels with lots of meringues or chocolate blockers.


Striped Candy + Wrapped Candy

This is an incredible combination. When you combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy, the power of the striped candy increases by a factor of three! This means, you will clear three rows and three columns in a cross-shape. Be on the lookout for this devastating combination, it will do you a world of good.


Striped Candy + Color Bomb

When you combine a striped candy with a color bomb, every candy that is the same color as the striped candy used in the combo becomes a striped candy and activates. This combination usually results in absolute chaos, clearing tons of space and racking up a huge amount of points. You can do a lot of damage with this special combination, so if you notice any opportunities to make it happen, go for them.

Wrapped Candy Combos


Wrapped Candy + Wrapped Candy

When you combine two wrapped candies together, you’ll get not one, but two massive, board-clearing explosions! With this fantastic combination, you will clear 24 candies in a 5×5 grid (including the wrapped candies) twice. It’s great for busting through jelly, chocolate, and just about anything this game throws at you!


Wrapped Candy + Color Bomb

When you combine a wrapped candy with a color bomb, the color bomb will destroy every candy that is the same color as the wrapped candy and destroy the most abundant candy color left on the board. Great for earning points and clearing up some space! Especially useful in those levels where there are five colored candies on the board.


Color Bomb Combos


Color Bomb + Color Bomb

This is the holy grail and mother of all super combinations. When you combine two color bombs, you will clear every candy on the screen.  It’s great for levels with meringues or lots of jelly! In fact, it’s great for just about any level of candy crush. If you have an opportunity to use this combination, we highly suggest you do. There are virtually no downsides to it.


Comments (2)

  1. Brian Mallon says:

    Sometimes I will get two candies of the same color flashing when there are no apparent moves beside them? Also have had a single striped candy flashing with no apparent moves beside or around it? What does this indicate?

  2. Joanna StMarie says:

    Where do the boosters such as coconut wheel get stored in an android version of the game, after you spin the free booster wheel? I can find a couple of the others, but not the coconut wheels. Also, why is the android version so different from the version on my desktop?