Level Goals

In Candy Crush, there are five different kinds of levels that you will run into as you play.

  1. Target score levels – These levels are pretty straightforward. The point of the level will be to reach a certain score in a certain number of moves or time. As you advance in the game, a target score will be included in each level, regardless of whether its a Jelly level, Ingredient level, etc. For levels like these, you want to focus on making as many combos as you can. Special candies are super useful here as well, so aim to make those while playing through target score levels. 

  2. Jelly levels – For levels like these, you want to clear the number of jelly squares listed at the beginning of the level. Jelly levels often need to be completed in a certain number of moves, and there’s usually a target score accompanying them. Even if there are other goals, jelly squares should remain your primary focus. Take them out with special candies and matches!
  3. Ingredient levels – For ingredient levels, you need to transport the ingredients listed at the beginning of the level to their exit portals. Ingredient levels usually involve bringing down ingredients from the top of the screen to the bottom, but they can get more complicated. The ingredients are cherries and hazelnuts. While ingredients usually appear at random (with the first few appearing at the beginning and the last ones appearing at the end), some of them are shot out from Candy Cannons after Level 217.
  4. Timed levels – Timed levels are pretty self-explanatory. You need to reach a minimum score in an allotted amount of time. If you don’t reach the target score before time runs out, then it’s game over for you. These levels are usually pretty easy if you have a good eye for matches. The best advice for levels like these is, “Act now, think later.”
  5. Candy order levels – Candy order levels are very similar to ingredient levels. Instead of cherries and hazelnuts, you need to make the candies requested at the beginning of the level. These levels often ask you to make a certain number of striped candies and color bombs, although there are difficult levels that require you to make wrapped candies as well. These levels will also ask you to destroy a certain number of blockers, such as chocolate squares.

    If you’re using a mobile device, you can tell which level you are playing based on their color.

  1. Target scores are orange  candycrush110
  2. Jelly levels are blue candycrush70

  3. Ingredients levels are green candycrush76
  4. Timed levels are purple candycrush134
  5. Candy order levels are pink candycrush130

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  1. Gayle Furukawa says:

    How you get to the bombs on the side in level 109?