Jelly Levels

In Candy Crush Saga, there are five types of levels: target score levels, jelly levels, ingredient levels, timed levels and candy order levels.

Jelly Level

In a jelly level, you will find that the level icon is blue, like candycrush70!

The objective of a jelly level is always to clear all the jelly on the board. There are over 200 jelly levels in Candy Crush–making it the most popular level type in the game!

Tips on How to Clear Jelly Levels

Jellies have special attributes–while the candies can move, the jellies can’t!

  • Jellies can also be doubled up (taking two hits to clear), be hidden under obstacles (like meringues or licorice swirls).

  • Jellies can only be cleared if they are a part of a 3-or-more candy combination.
  • (Single) jellies can most easily be cleared by striped candies


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List of Every Jelly Level in Candy Crush Saga

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