More Games by King, the Makers of Candy Crush Saga

Looking for more games from King? Want to play more games like Candy Crush Saga? Then you’re in luck my friend. King has over 180 fun and casual titles in more than 200 countries. Below you will find some of King’s most popular games.

Games from King

games from kingFarm Heroes Saga:

Much like Candy Crush Saga, you will need to create a series of matches in a backdrop of a fantasy farm land. Complete with your friendly animal avengers, you will need to collect different types of crops or “cropsies” as they are known. However, unlike Candy Crush Saga, you will be able to use free in-game boosters to assist you in your quest. But be careful, you will never know when you will run into the dastardly Rancid the Raccoon. Read more about Farm Heroes Saga here.

games from kingPet Rescue Saga:

Pet Rescue Saga is a game where players must click and match like-colored boxes so that they clear the screen. The game focuses on cute animals that you must set free or rescue from the terrible snatchers. In order to do this, you will need to clear enough space at the bottom of the level and do so by achieving the minimum amount of points needed. However, for every block you remove, you must consider the consequences of where the others might fall. Read more about Pet Rescue Saga here.

games from king Papa Pear Saga:

Papa Pear Saga is a game from king that incorporates elements of pachinko and pinball to form one fantastic physics-based game. Your job will be to launch “Papa Pear” from a cannon-like contraption into the air so that he will fall into the buckets below. With the right aim and power selection, you will hit other elements so that you can clear the area for future shots. Amongst other objections, you will complete a level once you have filled every bucket with a pear. Read more about Papa Pear Saga here.

games from kingDiamond Digger Saga:

In this game, you join Diggy as you must tunnel through diamonds and the earth in search of buried treasure. You will need to wisely use your moves to create a path through multiple rooms so that water can rush to the bottom of the board. In order to do this, you will need to find matches of like-colored diamonds. However, as you progress through more levels, you will encounter more obstacles such as fireflies and needed keys.

games from kingPepper Panic Saga:

In Peper Panic Saga, you will join Pepper Puppy and his loyal friends as they battle against the evil Cat. Your goal in a given level is to match a series of different peppers. When you combine three of more of them, they will grow larger and hotter, which will result in more points for you. Make enough matches with the pepper and it will explode all over the screen and send seeds across the level. The seeds will then make every like-colored pepper grow. Read more about Pepper Panic Saga here.

games from kingBubble Witch Saga:

Bubble Witch Saga is a shooting and matching game that sees you join the witches Luna, Selma, and Hazel. Your mission is to free the land of all of the dark spirits. To do this, you will need to launch a variety of bubbles into the cluster of more bubbles so that they fall into the boiling pot below. By shooting one like-colored bubble into another, you will drop whatever res