Q&A With a Candy Crush Master

Ever wonder how anyone could possibly beat all the levels of Candy Crush? Well we found someone who did (almost) and decided to pick his brain for a bit. Here are some of the secrets this Candy Crush master has practiced to get where he is today.

 What level of Candy Crush are you on and how long did it take you to get there?
I’m on level 467. I started playing in March.

Do you purchase boosters? If so, which ones and when do you purchase them?
I have not spent any money on the game. I have used some free boosters. You are given some boosters for free to try, and you can receive boosters and lives as ‘gifts’ from your Facebook friends. I think the lollipop hammer is the most useful booster since it can remove the last jelly, or to help you make a special candy.

What would you say is the most challenging level of Candy Crush and why?
The level that took me the longest to complete was level 181. I think I was stuck for over a month. It is an ingredient level but the fruit is blocked by four rows of multi layered meringue. The secret to this level is to make wrapped and striped candy combos to destroy the meringue.

What is your favorite level of Candy Crush and why?
My favorite levels are the more ‘difficult’ early levels (Levels 33 and 65 specifically). It’s always a challenge to replay these and beat my high score.

Which is your favorite candy and/or candy combo?
My favorite candy is the Red Jelly Bean. My favorite combo is matching a striped candy with a wrapped candy because it can cause a ton of damage. I also like combining 2 chocolate balls, but that combo is extremely rare!

What new obstacles can we expect to appear in some of the later Candy Crush levels?
Some new obstacles that come up in the 300’s and 400’s are the Cake Bomb and the Toffee Tornado. The Cake Bomb takes up four squares and when it is ‘crushed’, all of the candies on the board are tossed off and you get a new candy board. The Toffee Tornado is a tornado that randomly attacks your candies and creates cracked jelly squares. Both of these add an interesting twist to the game.

Do you have any secrets or tips that you can share to help players improve their game?
The most important piece of advice is to make as many special candies as possible. You wi

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