Candy Crush Level 135 Cheats, Tips and Strategy

This is how you beat level 135 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 135 in no time!

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  • To beat lever 135 in Candy Crush Saga, you must collect 5 color bombs while scoring at least 100,000 points in under 50 moves.

  • Try and get rid of the chocolate straight away, but don’t waste to much time on it. If you can attack the chocolate early it won’t have much of a chance to spread, and will not be that big of a project for you to take care of. If you wait it will overrun your lands like an invading orc horde.
  • Make a wrap, then make your second above it. Finally, you can drop it to the first.
  • Don’t make too many wraps at once. They are more likely to explode early on.
  • Work from the bottom so that you can get a good pattern from the cascading candies.
  • If you get a color bomb, continue getting color bombs until you’ve completed the level. Don’t form a double color bomb combo because that will just essentially reset the board which isn’t a good guarantee for having a lot to work with.




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