Candy Crush Saga Level 136 – answers cheats and strategy

Watch the video and see how to beat Level 136 of Candy Crush Saga. For extra tips, cheats and strategy information checkout our full Walkthroughs and Levels guide.

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  • To beat level 136 in Candy Crush Saga, you need to collect an order of 2 color bombs, 1 striped candy + striped candy combo and 1 double wrapped candy combo while scoring 30,000 points in under 40 turns.

  • Prioritize clearing the chocolate first. In order to open up the board to make strong combinations, you’ll need to get those pesky meringues and chocolates out of the way.
  • The chocolate is important to stay on top of because if left unattended it can swarm the board and take over like a deadly amazonian parasite.
  • Once the chocolate and meringue are mostly taken care of, try making combinations lower on the board. This strategy will help maximize your chances of making good new moves through the power of the cascade. Once the chocolate is gone, it’s gone for good.
  • Don’t waste valuable moves trying to preserve any striped candies. Instead, use them for good! They can really help shuffle your board with their potent blasts. Striped candies are more easily formed than any of the other things you need for orders.

Candy Crush Level 136 Cheats

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