Cash Dash Tips and Cheats

Cash Dash tips and cheats for this star-studded new game for iOS players. Cash Dash tips are now available for all levels! 26mgmt has come up with a new old-school style platformer featuring your favorite social media icons. Play as Cameron Dallas, Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier, and Hayes Grier to find buried treasure! We have no idea why these layabouts are looking for buried treasure, but our Cash Dash tips will certainly help them find it. While you play through this game, you’ll encounter a ton of odd things, like hidden passageways and teleportation machines. To really master Cash Dash tips are your only hope. Luckily, we have all the Cash Dash tips you’ll ever need. Keep reading for our exclusive Cash Dash tips guide.


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Cash Dash Tips and Cheats

Need for speed

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Cash Dash takes the second part of its name very seriously. You don’t have time to laze around and get the money at your own rate. Instead, you need to collect the cash in under 3 minutes. Don’t bother exploring all the parts of a level–just try to find the fastest route.

Dig your way to China

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If you notice, there is lots of dirt throughout Cash Dash. You can shoot your way through this dirt to find other routes through the level. This will let you navigate the level in much less time. Look for alternate routes everywhere–they might be in the last place you look.

Let’s do the teleport again

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In some levels of Cash Dash, there are teleporters. Cash Dash teleporters are incredibly valuable tools, but tricky. Remember those teleport pads in the Pokemon games? These are just as frustrating sometimes. Luckily, you don’t need to use them to win Cash Dash, but they can be even better for decreasing your time than shooting through dirt. As you start a level for the first time, try out all the teleporters and remember where they take you. You can use this information on your next Cash Da


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