Star Wars Commander Tips and Cheats

Star Wars Commander tips and cheats are here to help you be part of the greatest movie saga of all time. Star Wars Commander is a new free to play game for iOS devices from LucasArts that puts you in charge of the series. Will you use your power as Star Wars Commander to help Han Solo and the Rebellion? Or will you aid Darth Vader and the cruel Galactic Empire? The movies may have ended happily, but they didn’t have to. Star Wars Commander lets you choose the outcome. May the Force be with you in all your battles! But just in case it abandons you, use our Star Wars Commander tips and cheats to seize victory.

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Star Wars Commander Tips and Cheats

Upgrade your resource collection early

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Star Wars Commander tips rely on your ability to play MOBA games well. As with all of these games, the key to victory is proper resource management. You’ll be able to easily collect some resources, but not all. Make the most of the resources you can collect by upgrading your collection facilities as often as possible. Build the maximum number of credit markets and alloy refineries when you begin a new game. Then, upgrade to the credit vault and alloy department. Credits help maintain your army, and alloy lets you expand your base. You won’t be able to store many resources right away, so remember to collect your alloy and credits often.

Build plenty of walls

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Once you’ve set up your buildings, our next Star Wars Commander tips are about defense. As the game says, a turret is very important, but you’ll also need a wall. This will slow your enemies down so that the turret can open fire safely. Use lots of alloy to build a strong wall early, and you’ll never have to worry about other players raiding you again. After it’s in place, complete your defenses with a set of proton mortars in the center of your base for full coverage.

Get in, get out, get missions

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Missions are where you’ll put your Star Wars Commander skills to the test. They can yield valuable rewards like crystals, even early on. It’s important to dive right into these missions and try to get three stars on every one. Stocking up on crystals early in the game can result in a valuable tactical advantage later. Once you’re no longer able to get three stars, though, it may be time to wade into PvP combat…

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