Super Battle Tactics Tips and Cheats

Super Battle Tactics tips and cheats will help you win every fight. If you’re looking for an action game that’s full of family-friendly warfare, these Super Battle Tactics tips will have you raring to play this new game for iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. Super Battle Tactics is made by DeNA Corp and is free to play. You can take command of a team of tanks and lead them to victory! Or, if you don’t read our Super Battle Tactics tips guide, you’ll lead them to defeat. Super Battle Tactics is a tougher game than you might think, and it’s easy to make a misstep. But with so many resources and upgrades to keep track of, where do you start? Begin with our Super Battle Tactics tips, then use them to create your own strategies.


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Super Battle Tactics Tips and Cheats

Target your enemies


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The most valuable asset you have in Super Battle Tactics is your ability to target. Normally, tank fire is spread randomly across enemy lines. But by tapping the target button, you can concentrate your ammo on one enemy only. Blast the enemies with blue bars first. Those are the ones with first strike. By taking them out quickly, you can get the upper hand.

Strategize with your ability points


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After every battle, you’ll get a handful of ability points to spend on raising ability levels. Pick a strategy for spending these points and stick with it. We recommend spending at least one point on tracking all the time, but you can also save up the rest to spend on bombardment abilities later. Bombardment is one of the most lethal abilities in the game. Just be sure you have a plan for defeating your next enemy.

Free contracts are your friend


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There are many contracts you can carry out in Super Battle Tactics. These will get you extra cash, diamonds, or even new tanks entirely. The best contracts cost diamonds to unlock, but there are always more free contracts for you. Make sure you’re constantly playing free contracts. The rewards are more than worth the effort, and they’ll keep your skills sharp while you save up for an u

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