Candy Crush Level 590 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 590 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 590 in no time! The goal of level 590 is to clear 81 jellies in 40 moves and get 160,000 points.

Candy Crush Level 590 Cheats


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  • When you first get a load of Candy Crush level 590, your mind will probably try to shut down. That’s something we can totally understand, but try to bear with us for a few minutes here. Although the layout looks insane (and more than a little hypnotic), it’s actually much simpler than you might think at first.

  • Your goal in Candy Crush level 590 is to clear the board of jelly. The entire board is covered in the stuff–two layers of it, as usual–so there are plenty of places you can begin. Fortunately, there are absolutely no blockers to contend with this time around. There are also no bombs, which is nothing short of a miracle.
  • The weird part comes in when you notice that underneath all the candy and jelly, there lies one long conveyor belt spiraling around the board. The belt starts at the top left hand corner and works its way clockwise around the board until it gets to the very middle. At each end is a portal, so that any candies that manage to reach the end of the belt are transported instantly back up to the top.
  • Naturally, the belt is not the only way new candies can enter the board (or, rather, old candies can re-enter the board). They’ll drop in from the top as normal.
  • In general, the belt just means that it’s more difficult to plan your moves ahead. However, even though it spans the entire board, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Far from it. In fact, the majority of the board will stay relatively constant. The portions of the conveyor belt that are parallel to one another will keep certain candies next to each other for several turns.
  • The parts of the board that get tricky are those around the corners in the conveyor belt. These are the areas that will change rapidly every turn. Keep an eye on these areas and look to see where certain candies will move next turn.
  • As in previous levels with large conveyor belts, the normal course of Candy Crush level 590 will often include random cascades caused by shifting candies on the belt. These cascades can disturb your careful planning. The most important thing is to make sure these cascades don’t use up your special candies wastefully.
  • Keep track of where all of your special candies are at all times, especially when they approach corners. Look for chances to combine special candies and get rid of lots jelly at once–you have a lot of it to deal with.
  • Chances to make a color bomb will be few and far between, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Keep a close eye on any patches of the board that have large clusters of the same color.

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