Candy Crush Level 499 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 499 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 499 in no time! The goal of level 499 is to clear 54 double jelly in 35 moves and get at least 110,000 points. Break apart the cake bomb first and then use wrapped candies to take care of multi-layered meringues and marmalade.

Candy Crush Level 499 Cheats

  • Level 499 has a lot to take in when you first start out. The right side of the board consists of a bunch of double jellies at the top, a cake bomb in the middle, and a handful of meringues at the bottom. The left side is filled with candies stuck in marmalade.

  • The left side is linked with the right side by the two portals on the top. When freed, the left side will shift down on to the right side.

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  • Hold off on trying to free the marmalade candies in the beginning.
  • Instead, focus on clearing the cake bomb. You’ll need that hammer because it will knock out a bunch of those double jellies and also take the marmalade away.
  • Once the marmalade candies are freed, you can begin maximizing their impact.
  • Match wrapped candies with other wrapped candies for large explosions that will clear a good amount of meringues and jelly squares. These explosions will also clear whatever candy bombs you need to get rid of before they detonate.
  • Continue to make matches until you have cleared the remainder of the jelly.
  • Remember to put any special candies that you have to good use and to keep an eye on the candy bombs.
  • Special candies should either clear candy bombs, clear jelly, or be matched with another special candy for an amplified effect.
  • You can check out the video below to see these tips put into action.

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