Candy Crush Level 500 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 500 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 500 in no time! In level 500 you have 65 moves to bring down all the ingredients (4 cherries, 4 hazelnuts) and score 80,000 points. Use these Candy Crush cheats, tips, hints and strategy to pass level 500 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 500 Cheats

  • Level 500 is quite a sight when you first lay eyes on it. Don’t be intimidated; the level can be broken down quite easily.

  • Level 500 contains every obstacle that exists in the game. There are two cakes near the bottom, columns of multi-layer meringues at the left and right side of the board, two chocolate fountains at the bottom, and a column of licorice rope in the middle.
  • There are also two holes in the board at the bottom near the chocolate fountains.

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  • First you have to work on breaking the cakes. This will require multiple vertical striped candies and wrapped + striped combos if you can get them.
  • Try to save the Coconut Wheel  at the bottom of the board until after you have broken the first cake – then use it to break the second.
  • Two successive hammers will clear a huge amount of the board and make it seem much more manageable.
  • The faster you can break the cakes, the better, because you need that precious space to make combos and get your ingredients to the bottom.
  • Form striped candy combinations. You can use a striped candy to clear the column of licorice in the middle.
  • Combining two wrapped candies works well for eliminating the groups of meringues in the bottom corners that prevent the ingredients from being collected.
  • Vertical striped candies in the outer columns are great to propel the ingredients toward the bottom.
  • Don’t shift the ingredients–keep them in the outer columns. Remember, green arrow = exit!
  • Be sure to check out the video below for another look at how to beat this level.

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