Candy Crush Candies You Can Actually Eat

If you’ve ever wondered what those colorful candies of Candy Crush would taste like in real life, you now have the opportunity to try them out for yourself. New York based candy store Dylan’s Candy Bar has come out with a line of candies modeled after this game. Take a look at the flavors available and compare them to their counterparts in the game!

Mixed Fruit Gummies:

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Sour Fruit Gummies:


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Jelly Fish:
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Color Bombs:
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Now you can see if these colorful candies you’ve become so familiar with (after so many hours spent playing this addictive game) actually taste the way you had imagined they would. Of course, don’t expect anything too out of this world- you have probably noticed that they resemble different types of candies we’ve had around for ages. The mixed fruit gummies are very similar to Dots and the sour fruit gummies could very easily be Sour Patch Kids or any other sour candy. Have you seen those Jelly Fish candies somewhere before? That could be because they look exactly like Swedish Fish, and probably taste the same too. Finally, those Color Bomb candies are unmistakably imitations of Sno-Caps, with colored sprinkles instead of white ones.

We’ll see if they will come out with any of the other types of candies, although of course we have been conditioned to despise the chocolate, meringue and licorice in the game, since they just make beating levels more difficult. Lets just hope the candies aren’t anywhere near as addictive as the game itself, or else your dental bills might skyrocket if you spend anywhere near as much time eating these candies as you do playing the Candy Crush.

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