Back to Basics: Candy Crush Hints and Tips

Since being released, the number of Candy Crush players has continued to increase at a steady pace.  With the recent filing of an IPO, the game has been getting a lot of attention in the news.  This is a list of the basic hints and tips that you need to know when starting your career in Candy Crush.


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Basic Candy Crush Hints and Tips

Suggested Moves:

There have been many mixed views on whether to follow the suggested moves that are given. In the beginning levels, it is recommended to follow the moves that are shown. The suggested moves will help you to get the hang of the game and develop a rhythm. Once you feel like you are ready and can make the best decisions independently, do so! Remember, the suggested moves may not always be the most beneficial!

Types of Levels:

Candy Requirement levels will give you a certain number of candy requirements that you need to clear in a certain amount of moves in order to pass the level. Take a look at the requirements and determine what they are and which will be the harder objective to fulfill. These levels may be the most common throughout the game, especially in the beginning levels.

Jelly Levels are very common throughout Candy Crush. In order to clear the jelly from the board, you need to make a match of three like candies over the square containing the jelly. When you move into higher, more difficult levels, you will be faced with blockers on top of the jelly squares such as meringue, licorice and many more.

Timed levels give a player a limited amount of time allotted to fulfill the requirements needed. In timed levels, the player needs to have a strategy to work quickly but also make smart decisions and not waste moves.

Ingredient levels require you to bring down different ingredients in a limited amount of moves. Typically, you will have to bring down a hazelnut or cherry through different obstacles. The best way to beat ingredient levels is to make sure you know where the ingredient will be falling at all times!

Special Candies:


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Striped Candies:
Striped candies can be made either horizontally or vertically by combining four of the same colored candies together. When activated they will clear out an entire row or column.

Wrapped Candies:
Combining five candies of the same color in a T, L or cross shape creates wrapped candies. When activated wrapped candies will clear the surround eight candies, twice!

Color Bombs:
Finally, color bombs are created when you combine five candies of the same color in a row. Color bombs when activated with a regular candy will clear that entire candy from the board.

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