Candy Crush Level 593 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat Candy Crush level 593. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 593 in no time! The goal of level 593 is to to bring down 3 ingredients in 40 moves and score 40,000 points.

Candy Crush Level 593 Cheats

candy crush level 593

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  • Candy Crush level 593 may be one of the most difficulty recent levels of the game, if not THE most. Your exit for you ingredients is the very last column of the board, right in the corner. Your ingredients, start on the complete opposite end of the board.

  • There are also two conveyor belts in the level that are going to help your ingredient reach the correct position, but of course it will take some timing and strategy.
  • But the first thing you need to do is start clearing out the meringues scattered across the board, especially the ones that block your exit path in the last column. Get rid of them asap so you can drop you ingredients whenever you get the chance.
  • Of course, with any ingredient level, you are going to want to form vertically striped candies as often as possible. Carefully factor in the conveyor belt and somehow fit a vertically striped candy in the very last column. Activate it and blast through the the meringue that impede your path.
  • Once the meringues are out of your way, form another vertically striped candy and store it in the last column for when you are ready. Whether it be by matches or the belt, you need to activate it when your ingredient reaches the column. When it explodes, you will clear out the entire column and thus send your ingredient crashing down to the bottom of the board.
  • You should also create and save up a color bomb. If your ingredient reaches the last column and is blocked by another candy, you can use the color bomb and switch it out with the same colored candy. Remember, color bombs remove all of one type of colored candy from the board. So, when you do this, your ingredient will fall through the bottom of the board.
  • You can also save the color bomb for a special candy combination. For instance, a color bomb plus a striped candy will do wonders. When activated, it will clear out a good portion of the board by stretching vertically and horizontally.
  • Still stuck? Check out the Candy Crush level 593 video walkthrough below!

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