Candy Crush Level 23 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

How do you beat level 23 of Candy Crush Saga? These Candy Crush cheats and tips will show you how to beat level 23 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 23 Cheats


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  • In this level, you’ll need to clear the 30 blocks of jelly which are hidden once again beneath squares of meringue. Unlike level 21, these jellies are double-layered, so you’ll need to hit each square three times: once to remove the meringue, then twice more to destroy all the jelly. Thankfully, you have 50 moves to do this in, but don’t get comfortable–efficiency is mandatory.

  • This level can be extremely frustrating since the meringue is arranged in columns of six, dividing the majority of the board into narrow sections. While this creates an obvious problem with making vertical matches, it also means that any that you do make can clear up to six squares of meringue at once, so scour the board for any potential verticals before proceeding.
  • If you can’t make any vertical matches, it’s time to move on to plan B: unleashing special candies. Vertical candies can be potentially game-changing, as they can remove a full column of meringue and/or jelly from the game. If you’re lucky enough to make any of these, save them and try to move them where they’ll do some real damage rather than just taking out a column without any blockers or jelly.
  • If you make bombs at the top of the screen, try moving them lower down so they have more impact.
  • When you have less than 5 jellies left, stop focusing on making special candies and just focus on clearing the jelly. They’re likely to the side of the board or in a corner–harder spots to hit, but they can be eliminated with striped candies from afar.

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