Candy Crush Level 159 Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Candy Crush Level 159 Cheats

  • The object of this level is to score at least 20,000 points in 2 mins or less.

  • Make your moves at the top of the board.
  • You will have additional chocolate in your way each time you make a combination that touches the chocolate. The only way to remove chocolate blockers is to eliminate an entire row or column of them together by using striped candy + wrapped candy or striped + candy combinations.
  • If you get stuck with the top of the board covered, try and get a vertical striped candy. Even if you break open one chocolate, it will release enough candies down to destroy more chocolate.
  • Don’t feel rush or obligated to make as many moves as possible in 2 minutes. You will still be able to gain control of the chocolates being made, and also take time to plan special candy combos and moves.
  • These moves will help you score above 20,000 points.
  • Creating special candies will help you score a lot of points. Doing a wrapped candy and a striped candy is going to score you 7,000 points.
  • Get 2 or 3 of these types of candies, and you will be set for this level.
  • Don’t stress. You still have the Sugar Rush at the end, which will give you points!


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