Candy Crush Level 10 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 10 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 10 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 10 Cheats


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  • Level 10 requires you to break all the jellies on your screen, as with all jelly levels. You have 40 moves to work with, during which time you must score at least 40,000 points.

  • At one time, every square in this level was covered with a jelly, but now only 2/3 of the board is covered. This makes your job a little easier, but you’ll still need to watch out for the one major obstacle–a gap in the center of the screen that will prevent you from making some combos there! There are also two small cutouts on the left and right sides of the board, making corners which can be hard to access.
  • Make matches lower on the screen so that when new candies drop down, the cascade effect can make combinations without you losing moves!
  • Special candies are the key to destroying all the jelly with turns to spare. Striped candies can destroy an entire row or column of candy, and will ignore the gaps in the board when doing so, making them excellent tools to overcome this level’s obstacles.
  • Make sure not to miss any lingering or corner jellies! If you’re having trouble keeping track of where the remaining jelly is located, try to start each attempt by getting rid of jelly on the edge of the board. That way, you can keep all the jelly you still have to remove in one place. This will also make it easy to blow up lots of jelly with a bomb later in the game.

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