Video – Candy Crush Saga Level 500

Watch the video and see how to beat Level 500 of Candy Crush Saga. For extra tips, cheats and strategy information checkout our full Walkthroughs and Levels guide.

  • This is a tough ingredient level. It contains every blocker so where do you start?

  • First thing you should do is to break the cakes bombs. Try to save the coconut wheel at the bottom for when you take out at least one of the cakes. You can then use it to help you take out the other one.
  • Make striped candies, wrapped candies and special candy combos. Single matches are not going to get you anywhere in this level. You need special candies and combos in order to clear the meringues and move your ingredients down.
  • Don’t move your ingredients out of the outer two columns! These are the only columns where ingredients can be cleared, so you don’t want to make more work for yourself when you have to move them back.

Candy Crush Level 500 Cheats

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