Candy Crush Level 562 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

These Candy Crush Saga level 562 cheats and tips will show you how to successfully complete level 562 of Candy Crush. In level 562 you must clear all the jelly and reach 100,000 points using only 40 moves. If you are stuck on this frustrating puzzle, just use these Candy Crush 562 cheats and tips will help you solve the level!

Candy Crush Saga Level 562 Cheats

candy crush saga level 562

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  • In candy Crush Saga level 562, you are required to destroy all of the jellies.

  • You will also only have 40 totals moves to complete this task.
  • One of the biggest problems you are going to encounter in this board are the bombs.
  • The bombs flow from the left side of the board on the conveyor belt.
  • These are all eight move bombs, meaning that if you do not clear them in within eight moves, your game will be over.
  • To clear a bomb, you will need to match it with candies or the same color.
  • Or you can match three bombs of the same color, although this is much harder.
  • However, the difficult part in clearing these bombs is that you will not be able to do so until they round the corner.
  • In other other words, since the board is split, you won’t have any room to clear out the bombs until their counter’s reach 5 / 4 moves.
  • This means, you need to clear the bombs rather quickly.
  • Special candies, such as wrapped candies will also work wonders against the pesky bombs.
  • But the problems don’t end there!
  • You will also need to clear out the all of the meringues on the bottom half of the board as they cover all of the jellies you need to clear.
  • To damage a meringue, you will need to make an adjacent move alongside of the blocker.
  • A quick and efficient way to do this is to make special candy combos.
  • Some great combos to look for are a combinations of striped candies and wrapped candies.
  • The effect of that candy alone will clear up a considerable amount of meringues and jellies.
  • Once you have reached the bottom row, create matches to form the cascade effect.
  • The cascade is awesome because it will trigger a matches without you ever having to actually use up a move.
  • In addition to that, the conveyor belt will also create needed matches for you in Candy Crush Saga level 562.
  • If you are still having trouble with this board, check out the video below to give you some more pointers.

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