Kim Kardashian Hollywood Top 5 Cheats & Tips

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is the new game from Glu Mobile that has everyone talking. The game is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Throughout the game you will be performing different tasks and taking on different projects to help you climb your way from an E List celebrity to an A List celebrity. Having trouble rising to fame? Take a look at our Kim Kardashian Hollywood cheats and tips below.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Cheats and Tips

Tip #1: Complete The Tasks


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Throughout the game you will be performing different tasks in order to increase your K-Stars, energy, experience, and cash. To start the game, you will be introduced to Kim Kardashian in the store you work for, So Chic. Help Kim find something to wear and before you know it, you will be attending the photoshoot.

In order to reach stardom, you will need to perform a variety of tasks throughout the game. The tasks range from doing a photoshoot to changing your outfits to going out on the town with Kim. As you complete the tasks, you will be rewarded with cash, energy, etc.

Tip #2: Customize Your Style


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Once you have completed different tasks, you will be able to customize your style. Customizing your style will help you transform from an E List celebrity to an A List celebrity.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood allows you to go into your wardrobe so you can dress the part for whatever event you may be going to. Not only can you choose from the essentials (tops, pants, dresses) you can also change your facial characteristics, accessories, and much more!

Tip #3: Use Your Charm


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When you meet new people throughout the game, you will need to use your charm. Charming people will help you to climb the social ladder. Using your charm will also help you to get to the hottest parties, increase your cash and experience. Charming people will also help you to start dating people.

Tip #4: Add More Contacts


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Building relationships and meeting new people will help you to achieve more points. Networking is key in this game. Meeting people from the industry and higher up on the social ladder will help you to climb your way up as well. This way you will be able to find more work, dates, etc.

Tip #5: Find Free Energy


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Sometimes you may find yourself stuck, with no energy, cash, or experience. If this happens, look around town for more. There are many things you can do for more energy. For example you can adopt a cat or a dog,

Another way to get free energy is to tap on different things, such as the fire hydrants, pigeons, trees, phone booths, skateboards, etc. This is a quick and easy way to increase your energy.

Lastly, you can adjust your devices clock settings so you never have to wait for more. Set your clock 30 to 60 minutes ahead for eas

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