Candy Crush Level 77 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat Candy Crush level 77. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 77 in no time! To beat level 77 in Candy Crush Saga you must clear 9 jelly tiles while scoring at least 50,000 points in under 25 turns.

Candy Crush Level 77 Cheats

candy crush level 77

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  • In order to clear this tricky level of Candy Crush, you’ll need to form vertical striped candies. Vertical striped candies or special candy combinations like stripe candies + color bombs are going to be your best bet for clearing the nine jellies in Candy Crush 77.

  • Create vertical striped candies by matching 4 candies together. Move the last candy in place by moving it in the up or down direction.
  • The licorice X in the third tile from the right is your best friend in this level. The licorice will keep the chocolate from spreading and taking over your board. Like a real best friend, you don’t want to kill him until you absolutely have to. Wait until the chocolate is removed from the board to clear this blocker.
  • If the chocolate gets past your best friend (Mr. Licorice X) it will spread like a plague throughout the entire strip of tiles in the middle of the board, making it almost impossible to win!
  • Use vertical blasts from striped candies to pick off squares of chocolate in Candy Crush 77. Be as efficient as you can, there’s only a 25 move limit on this level!

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