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Licorice candies come in two different forms in Candy Crush Saga. While licorice is pretty delicious as a treat, these licorice blockers are nefariously troublesome as an obstacle in the game. The two forms have starkly different capacities in Candy Crush Saga, with licorice swirls being far more dangerous, and licorice Xs (for the most part) being far more common. These blockers will often appear in levels together in a duo known across the internet as “the bash bros.”

Licorice Swirls


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  • Dynamic swirled shape.

  • Resists blasts from striped candies to block the player from getting points.
  • Can be used to insulate areas of the board from special candy blasts.
  • Used more commonly in later levels.


Different special candies have a varying degree of effectiveness against these blockers, but licorice swirls are one of the most resilient items in the game against their tricks. Wrapped candies, for example, will destroy these with no noticeable change in the effects of the candy, but striped candies are stopped in their tracks.

If a striped candy blast hits a licorice swirl, the blocker will be destroyed but it will also absorb the blast with it. This rule still applies in the case of a special candy combination where a striped candy is combined with a color bomb, because the end result makes many striped candies.

While these blockers appear more often in the later levels to form advanced puzzles in conjunction with other traps, they can be found in earlier levels as well where they are introduced.

Licorice Xs


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  • Dynamic X shape.
  • Covers candies, locking them in place.
  • Often used as a barrier between other blockers such as chocolate or meringues.
  • More common earlier in the game.
  • Destroyed by every kind of special candy blast.


Licorice Xs are an understated but equally important component of the “bash bros” collective. These blockers will be used to effectively freeze large or important sections of the board in place. It can be much more difficult to make a match with a locked candy.

Luckily for the player, unlike their swirly counterparts, licorice Xs can be destroyed by any type of special candy or special candy combination. Color bombs and striped candies are particularly effective for clearing large swaths of these blockers on levels where they are in the way.

For more info on licorice and other crazy Candy Crush blockers head down to http://gamez.tips/walkthrough/candy-crush-obstacles/

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