Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 98 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 98 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 98 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 98 is to score at least 200,000 points in 30 moves.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 98 Cheats

    • The goal of level 98 in dreamworld is to score at least 200,000 points in 30 moves or less.

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    • Your first move in the game should be to work towards getting Moon Struck. Make matches of whatever colors Odus’ Moon Scale specifies.
    • While you make these early matches, work towards eliminating as much licorice as you can. ┬áHaving a board clear of licorice will make it much easier to form matches and larger combos.
    • The best way to clear the licorice blockers is by using striped candy combinations.
    • Demolish the candy bombs early on so that you don’t need to worry about them when their timers get low.
    • When you get Moon Struck, the board will be a match-making paradise. Make as many special candies as you can, and try to match them with one another for the most points.
    • Whenever you see a color bomb, try to combine it with a striped or wrapped candy.
    • At the end of this level you will notice a lot of color bombs on your screen. These remove the largest amounts of blockers from an area without having to waste moves.
    • Wrapped candy combined with color bombs also are very useful combinations to make.
    • If you have the opportunity to match two color bombs together, take it: it will clear the whole board and get you a massive amount of points.
    • At the end of the level if no more moves are left, Sugar Crush will activate special candies which will add more points to your final high score.
    • Check out the video below to see these tips in action!

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