Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 123 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush level 123 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 123 of Candy Crush. The goal of level 123 is to clear all the jelly in 21 moves and score at least 100,000 points.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 123 Cheats


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  • You have lots of blockers to deal with in this level, including double-layered meringues and licorice swirls that will impede your progress in getting to the jelly. The silent killers lie on the outside, though, in the form of six chocolate squares. Destroy them with vertically striped candies or leave them alone to begin with–once they get out, they can have a disastrous effect.

  • Instead, work on the middle section and work outwards. Bombs are great tools to break through both layers of meringue at once or get licorice and jelly in one blast. Remember that licorice will stop the effects of any striped candies you set off, so save them for when they’ll do more damage.
Or just make combos to power up their effects.

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Or just make combos to power up their effects.

  • Set off Odus’s Moon Struck as quickly as you can by filling the meter with candies that aren’t shown on either side of the scale. Once you get rid of the owl, not only will cascades be easier to set off, but you’ll be able to go for bigger combos without worrying about how the scale is balanced.

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Comments (4)

  1. Fred Viergever says:

    Have now tried more than sixty times. Had a full set of lives but got an I/o error twice and lost the lot in one hit, each one not opening the board to play. Even after pressing the refresh button not one life would open the board. Obviously this level is bugged and/or set to fail. Followed al the hints and tips in previous failed attempts. Even eliminated all the chocolate and making good progress but at the Moonstruck a cascade happens totally out of control and with 100% certainty Odus falls off indicating that the game does not want one to pass. So what are the chances to succeed? obviously nil%. Seems a shame to have such a stacked level which turns me off Dreamworld. No point playing on as having to wait for new lives after the game discards what I had seems just a futile and useless exercise. Even lives sent by friends are few and far between if those are not signed in so waiting hours on end for lives from the game is a total waste of time.

  2. Fred Viergever says:

    Dreamworld level 123 is the ultimate stupid level so far. Have played this level literally 100’s of times and am about to delete this game altogether. Why? Because whatever I try the owl falls off. So often get just two possible moves with a retry after a fail, both the same color and he falls. Make some progress to the Moonstruck, it happens and the owl gets back on the scale and promptly falls off even though I did not move anything. Just spent some time using 23 lives (had many banked up from friends). Used them all and every time the stupid bird fell off. Not bad, 23 out of 23. Watched all the videos and it does not happen to any of those. I watched them using a color bomb with success. I have tried that and not once did the owl stay on the scale even though I used the bomb on a neutral color. In fact those video players get plenty of moves to start with and use stripes. When I use one of those Odus falls. So why can I not even get a reasonable go? Probably passed 300 tries now with Odus promptly falling off 99 out of 100. A reshuffle should give me a chance but no, the owl falls off as a result. A Moonstruck does very little and results in the owl falling off when he is supposed to stay on the scale upon his return. There is no cascade, just a type of reshuffle which makes very little difference to my boards yet those videos get nearly their whole board wiped and Odus remains still. Having shown lots of patience during 500+ levels of CC and 122 of Dreamworld, my patience is coming to an end. I am not prepared to be made look stupid by a silly game that is totally impossible except for those posting videos. The King dynasty ought to have a look at making the scale a little more secure and remove the bugs that cause the owl to fall when the game reshuffles and when the bird is supposed to stay there when the Moonstruck ends. During my many tries I also had a few error screens appear which resulted in any lives I had left to be lost for no reason and then have to beg friends to send me lives. Will look with interest as to what other players are experiencing with this level.

  3. Fred Viergever says:

    Having posted my comments shown below I must make a confession. After I had dinner decided to watch The History Channel rather than play on with level 123 which I had considered a total waste of time. Having watched a very interesting program I decided to give it just one more go as I should have a full house of lives by now.
    The bottom line is that on my first go and making very careful decisions to save whatever special combo I could until the Moonstruck, I had the most fantastic cascade I have seen in any level. This continued and totally blew up everything with the counter going berserk. I think I had 3 color bombs, a few vertical and horizontal stripes and spotted a few more appearing and blowing up during he cascade. It was simply fabulous. Did not have to make one move when Odus re-appeared. He just stood there in awe – like me – and I am sure he said that this spectacle would restore my faith and he urged me battle on with the next level. Maybe my comments will restore some spirit in others stuck on this level.
    The bottom line is 823840 points with 3 stars.

  4. copeland lee says:

    Here is a video of backing up and restoring progress of Candy Crush Saga for Android Users, you can have a try