Candy Crush Obstacles

In Candy Crush, there can be obstacles (or “blockers”) that prevent you from clearing candies! Some of these can be taken care of with one move but others are trickier!

Keep reading for a guide on how to clear each obstacle!



Chocolate is a blocker–some boards will begin with a certain number of chocolates. For every move made that¬†does not crush a chocolate, a new chocolate will spawn.



 Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate Fountains don’t appear until level 156 but when they do, watch out! These machines will regenerate chocolate, even if you’ve cleared the whole board!




Bombs are colored like candies and can only be cleared through a 3-candy combo or if affected by a special candy. The number on the inside indicates how many moves you have to clear the bomb. If you don’t clear the bomb in the number of moves, the game is over and you lose a life.



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Licorice Swirls (or blocks), like chocolate, take up space on your board where you could have candies. They are fairly easy to clear, though, you just need to make a move next to the block.



Licorice Xs

Check out our Licorice Guide

AKA Locked Candies prevent you from moving the candy inside. In order to clear a licorice X, you need to use a special candy or to make a combo of a candy with the same colors WITH the X’d candy.



A meringue is often mistaken for whipped cream. This white, fluffy blocker is the easiest to clear–either make a move adjacent to it or have a special candy make a combination that affects it.


Multi-layered Meringue

The original, fluffy meringue (or whipped cream), only needs one move to be cleared. In higher levels, it gets increasingly difficult to clear the meringues as they gain more layers. Worse yet, there are often double jelly layers contained under the meringues. In the .gif above, you’ll see a five layer meringue–which requires seven moves to clear, five to get through the meringue layers and two more to clear the jelly.




Like Licorice X’s, candies can be contained within a piece of marmalade. Also like Licorice, you can free the candy by making a combination with the candy within the marmalade¬†or if you make a combination next to the enclosed candy.

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