Summoners War Top Tips and Cheats

Summoners War top tips and cheats to the new game from Com2uS Corp. The game is available for free download on all Android and iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Throughout the game you will be faced with different battles to protect the Mana Crystals. In the game you will act as a monster summoner. Control you different monsters and battle against other players to protect your crystals.  As you progress through the game you will be rewarded with points and crystals to unlock new features.  Take a look at our top Summoners War tips and cheats below to help you defeat your opponents!

Summoners War Top Tips and Cheats

1. Know your monsters


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When playing this game, you want to make sure that you are prepared for battle. To do this, make sure you know your monsters elements. Each element or strength will counteract a weakness. Make sure that you stack your team accordingly, having different strengths and variety.

2.Empower your best monsters


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If you happen to get stuck and cannot beat your opponent, build up your team. Stack your team so that you empower your best monsters. Not only will your chances increase in winning the battle, but you will also gain experience points.

3. Check out the quests


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When you get stuck in the game, look at the available quests. The quests will appear based on your progress throughout the game. When you complete quests you will be rewarded with different rewards.

4. Participate in the Arena


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When you participate in the arena, you will be rewarded with more points. The more arenas you participate in, the higher your chances are in earning more crystals.

5. Add your friends


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When you add friends you will be rewarded with different bonuses. You have the opportunity to earn mana crystals and even monsters. Look for friends that have a higher level than you. This way you can use their monsters once per day i

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