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Other games like Candy Crush are out there–you just have to find them! After over two years of playing Candy Crush Saga from King Digital Entertainment, it’s only natural to get a little bored. Even if you still like playing Candy Crush as much as ever, it’s a great feeling to try out similar games to see how they’re different. You might find a game that’s so easy you can beat it with your mighty Candy Crush knowledge! On the other hand, you might get a game that’s even more challenging. With so many other games like Candy Crush on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store, you’re bound to find something else you like! Here are a few of our favorite Candy Crush alternatives.

Other Games Like Candy Crush

Bejeweled Blitz


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It’s more accurate to say that Candy Crush is like Bejeweled, rather than the other way around. After all, Bejeweled is the grandfather of match-three games! It was first made back in 2001 by PopCap Games. Bejeweled has had lots of different versions since then. Bejeweled Blitz is the latest iteration of the classic game for mobile devices. While the classic version had both a “normal” and “time trial” mode, Blitz has only the timed mode. This is actually perfect for mobile gamers. You can play a few games on your commute and make sure you don’t miss your bus stop. Download Bejeweled Blitz for iPhone and Android devices.

Forest Mania


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Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, have made another fun app for you to enjoy. Forest Mania plays a little bit like Farm Heroes Saga, one of King’s other games like Candy Crush. The most glaring similarity is the cute icons! They’re all adorable animals that are just waiting for their turn to be matched. Another similarity is the type of objectives you’ll get. Unlike Candy Crush’s common jelly levels, all of Forest Mania’s levels will require you to collect a number of specific animals. But you’ll still have boosters to help you out, so it’s not a totally different game! Forest Mania is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Jelly Splash


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There’s one big difference between Jelly Splash and games like Candy Crush. Instead of directly switching items on your screen, you trace a path through the field. You can even go diagonally! That’s one thing you’ll never be able to do in Candy Crush. Jelly Splash is still a “match-three” game, but the way you’ll be matching is much different! Similar to social games like Candy Crush, you can sign in with Facebook and try to reach the top of your personal leaderboard. You can get Jelly Splash right now for iPhone and Android.

Another Case Solved


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Another Case Solved is a lot like Jelly Splash, since it’s another of those games like Candy Crush that operate on swiping through a line of matching items. Instead of looking for lines to make, you’ll look for paths to take. But there’s many more types of puzzles in Another Case Solved, and a story to follow as well! You’ll be in charge of your very own private detective agency. Be a candy-obsessed Philip Marlowe! You can download Another Case Solved for iOS or Android

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