Candy Crush Wants to Make Sure You Are Aware!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. And this year www.cancer.org has predicted that 232,340 new cases of breast cancer are expected to be diagnosed this year.

A lot of big name organizations like the National Football League (NFL) and others have teamed up to help raise money and make people more aware of breast cancer. And now it has another big name supporter in the fight against breast cancer.

This month Candy Crush announced that they are proud to be partnering with Breakthrough Breast Cancer. King.com released a statement on its Facebook page, “In the spirit of breast cancer awareness, download the Breakthrough Breast Cancer app to learn how to be breast aware and identify the common signs of breast cancer. Then tell us how you are supporting breast cancer awareness month in the comments below.”

Within just those two hours of their most recent post about partnering with Breakthrough Breast Cancer, over 982 people commented on the post, 1,439 people shared it on their Facebook page, and 21,576 people clicked “Like” on Facebook.

When Candy Crush first posted back on October 1st that were going to be teaming up and supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Candy Crush Saga pledged to donate 24,000 Euros when they receive 240,000 Likes on Facebook. However, the post only received 173,735 Likes, which then prompted Candy Crush Saga to release another statement/post on Facebook.

“We thought we should explain how our support for Breakthrough Cancer works a little more clearly. We’re really pleased to be helping spread awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. One way for us to do that was to encourage people to read the post, share it and most importantly, visit Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s website to find out more.” Candy Crush went on to say that “While we we’d love as many people as possible to read the post and share it to spread the word, we’ll still donate the full amount we’ve pledged even if we don’t hit 240,000 likes…”

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