Advertising Candy Crush Through Nails

A Japanese based public relations company has found a new, innovative way to advertise different products. In Tokyo, Harutamu, a member of the group “Black Diamond” was hired for the new advertising concept using nails as the platform.

“Candy Crush” sponsored her to wear colorful, bold fingernails that incorporate the theme of the game. The nails show off different pieces including, striped candies, color bombs, licorice swirls and more.

Members of the “Black Diamond” group are very popular throughout Japan. The group loves fashion, loves to tan and loves to start trends. “Black Diamond” members come from all over the country, with a focus on promoting fashion and culture. They are trying to cover all angles to get their name known. They have ventured out into many different areas including modeling, fashion, television, publications, and even music.

Harutamu Out With Friends


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Absolute Territory is the name of the public relations company that hired the trendsetter, Harutamu, to wear the Candy Crush inspired nails. The company has tried other innovative advertising techniques before. Previously, they have hired girls to wear stickers of advertisements on their bodies. Hoping to attract attention, the girls would wear the advertisements where other people tend to look, such as the girl’s thighs.

The nails that were made for Harutamu drew a lot of attention. The nails themselves are long in length, with strong colors and symbols that resemble the game. If you are fan of Candy Crush, there is no denying that these nails were made perfectly to incorporate the theme of the game. Although the nails seem like they would be difficult to deal with in everyday life, Harutamu was pictured with the nails out with friends multiple times. By getting pictured and getting attention by wearing these nails, it seems like this new advertising platform could work in the future.

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