Candy Crush Level 70 Cheats, Tips and Strategy

This is how you beat level 70 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 70 of Candy Crush Saga in no time! In this jelly level, you need to clear 28 jelly squares (that are doubled) in 45 moves and score at least 60,000 points.

Candy Crush Level 70 Cheats


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  • This is a jelly level, there are a total of 28 jellies that need to be cleared but each needs to be cleared twice. This means with your 45 moves, you will need to clear 56 jellies.

  • This is one of the toughest levels in Candy Crush so don’t feel frustrated if you are stuck! In fact, it has been voted one of the hardest levels in the game.
  • We recommend you work on the right side of the board to start to lay out special candies.
  • Do feel free to make any moves on the right-hand that clear jelly and not licorice. Don’t break the licorice first! Why? The second a licorice cage is broken, the chocolate will begin to multiply and since that side of the board is small, it will be hard to consistently get moves to clear them. So keep in mind that you must keep that chocolate under control or you won’t beat the levels.
  • Remember: if you’re playing on the mobile version, you can always exit out of a board if you think there are no good first moves without losing a life. A strong board for level 7 will include opening moves to form vertical striped candies or moves that can clear the locked candies. (In case you were wondering, when you keep resetting a Candy Crush board to get a good one, it’s called “rolling.”)
  • Stock up on special candies! Form as many special candies as you can on the left-hand side without activating them. The most ideal move is to get a vertical candy on the left inĀ  line with the chocolate to easily clear a row.
  • Of course, a color bomb + striped candy combination is ideal but given the shape of the board, this will be incredibly different to form. Don’t worry, the game is still winnable even without that special candy combination!
  • Once you’ve stockedĀ  up on special candies, use the combinations to clear the chocolate or to move the special candies to the right hand side.
  • If there are more moves on the right-side than the left, that’s okay! Use making moves on the right-hand side for the cascade effect. By making moves at the “bottom” (right) of the board, you’ll bring down new candies from the top (left) of the board. Cascading matches can even sometimes form special candies!
  • Note: if you make a move on the right side of the board, it will bring over candies from the left hand side. But if you make a cleared move on the right side, it will not affect the left. Keep this in mind for bringing over special candies.




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  1. Tom Combo says:

    you should probably mention boosters for level 70 because even though they aren’t needed, it can make this level a thousand times easier. Plus, most of you probably rarely ever use boosters, so you might as well use all of them on this level.

    The sweet tooth is the best booster for this level because it can take out all of the chocolate in one move. I have more tips to beat candy crush level 70 at http://thecandycrushsaga.com/tips-beat-candy-crush-level-70/