Candy Crush Level 588 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat Candy Crush level 588. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 588 in no time! The goal of level 588 is to clear 63 jellies in 35 moves and get 135,000 points.

Candy Crush Level 588 Cheats


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  • Before you can get started with jelly removal in Candy Crush Saga level 588, you need to take stock of the tons of blockers on the board. There are licorice swirls and chocolate blockers, and both must be dealt with quickly.

  • Since you only have 35 moves, every move must destroy multiple blockers for you to be successful.
  • The most annoying immediate blockers are the licorice swirls. They are dividing the level into two different sections, which severely limits your mobility. They are also on conveyor belts, so as soon as you remove one, another will take its place.
  • In addition, the walls of this level are also coated with chocolate squares. As usual, these squares will grow every turn that you don’t destroy chocolate somewhere on the board.
  • The best way to begin Candy Crush level 588 is to make a vertical move along the left or right side of the board. This will allow you to destroy both kinds of blockers at once.
  • You need to make this match in one of the top sections in order to let more candy into the board. If you make a match in the bottom, licorice will fall into the board and clog up your playing area. You need to make sure the middle of the board is clear so you can expand outwards every turn.
  • Jelly is located on almost every square, so every blocker must be cleared out at some point in the game. This is made more difficult by the chocolate fountains and licorice dispensers scattered around the board. Don’t bother targeting these with special candies, since they are indestructible.
  • When looking for special candies to make in this level, be strategic. Of course, you should generally take any opportunity that comes your way when space is so limited. But look for ways to make bombs early in the level, as they will clear out more blockers in less time than striped candies.
  • Since striped candies are swallowed up by licorice swirls, it’s best to save their effects until you’ve cleared an area of licorice. A striped candy can then destroy lots of chocolate or jelly at once.
  • Once you’ve gotten rid of most of the licorice, your priority (aside from jelly removal) should switch to containing the chocolate. You need to maintain all the space you’ve carved out for yourself, and the chocolate is unrelenting.
  • If necessary, allow the chocolate to creep into spaces you’ve already cleared of jelly so that you can attack the other squares that are still jelly-covered.
  • Use the conveyor belts to your advantage. These might be annoying at first, transporting licorice into the middle all the time, but later they’ll be useful. You can use them to deliver special candies to other parts of the board so you can set up special combos more easily.



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