Candy Crush Level 575 Cheats, Tips, & Strategy

This is how you beat Candy Crush Saga level 575 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass Candy Crush Saga level 575 in no time! The goal of Candy Crush level 575 is to clear every square of jelly within the span of 35 turns while also scoring 150,000 points or more.

Candy Crush Saga Level 575 Cheats

  • This level is the final stage of Biscuit Bungalow in Candy Crush. Level 575 is divided into two parts once again, although unlike level 574, these parts are much more equal in terms of size.

  • In fact, the board for Candy Crush level 575 is perfectly divided into two halves, each of which are 4×9 rectangles.
  • The bottom half of the board is entirely covered in double-layered jelly. This is a great place to begin your mission to destroy all the jelly.
  • The top half of Candy Crush level 575, on the other hand, contains less jelly. There are only two rows with jelly in them. Unfortunately, the jelly is covered by several layers of meringue.
  • Running around the edge of the top half is a conveyor belt. The belt is mostly filled with candy, but notice that there are a few candy bombs there as well. Try to remove these bombs as quickly as you can. If you don’t, Candy Crush level 575 will end prematurely.
  • Look for opportunities to make vertical striped candies on the bottom of the board. Remember that horizontal candies will help clear jelly, but won’t have any effect on the board above.
  • If you can’t make any vertical candies, look for chances to make regular matches on the conveyor belt itself. This can remove candy bombs and hit meringue squares at the same time, so you can kill two birds with one stone.
  • Keep an eye on the conveyor belt and anticipate how it will transport candies. By planning ahead, you can make moves that were impossible two turns previously.
  • Sometimes, a match will be collected naturally when the belt turns a corner. It may be the case that all you need is a little patience to beat Candy Crush level 575.
  • Mystery candies sometimes enter the top board. Often, these candies end up hatching into wrapped bombs. Hang on to the bombs until the belt carries them to a place where they can blow up the most meringue.
  • Use the marmalade-covered color bomb located on the top of Candy Crush level 575 to your advantage. If there are any candy bombs you can’t get rid of, use the color bomb to take care of them quickly.

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