Candy Crush Level 508 Cheats, Tips, and Help

Watch the video and see how to beat Level 508 of Candy Crush Saga. For extra tips, cheats and strategy information checkout our full Walkthroughs and Levels guide.

Candy Crush Level 508 Cheats

  • Here you have 50 moves and must clear 24 jellies and get 50,000 points.

  • The layout of the board consists of a top area filled with candies and three cake bombs that are surrounded and separated by a handful of licorice swirls and multi-layered meringues.

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  • Although 24 jellies isn’t much, they are trapped under cakes and 4-layered meringue.
  • Begin by making moves and forming specials that will clear meringues and cake at the same time.
  • Specifically, striped candies and wrapped candy + striped candy combos are the most helpful for clearing the blockers and breaking down the cake.
  • Clearing cake should take priority over clearing blockers. When the cannon comes to help you each time you eliminate a cake it will also clear a bunch of licorice and meringues for you. This will save you moves.
  • If you have any specials that you want to use or form combos with, try to use them before you clear a cake and the cannon clears the entire board. Otherwise you will lose whatever special candies you have made.
  • Try to save your last cake for when the most of the meringues are gone. That way, you’ll be able to clear most of the jelly and only have to worry about the jelly under that last cake.
  • If you are still having trouble, or want to see these tips put in to action, be sure to check out the walkthrough video below!

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