Candy Crush Level 492 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 492 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 492 in no time! The goal on level 492 is to clear 21 jelly in 50 moves and get at least 40,000 points. Make adjacent moves to the meringues to clear them and try to form a color bomb + striped candy combination. mind the chocolate that will prevent you from clearing concealed jellies.

Candy Crush Level 492 Cheats

  • The board layout on level 492 is fairly simple to make sense of. There are two rows of jellyfish up high, three rows of multi-layered meringues near the bottom, and a chocolate fountain on the bottom row.

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  • Don’t worry too much about the chocolate. The fountain is in the bottom row of the board, so there isn’t too much damage it can do aside from consuming the first bottom row or two.
  • That being said, still keep it in check. You can let it creep up the sides, but don’t let it consume the main board.
  • Make sure all your matches of three have a purpose. This means that they should either be breaking meringues and jelly, breaking chocolate, or forming special candies.
  • You can ensure that all your matches have a purpose by making matches that are adjacent to obstacles.
  • If you can, try to make your matches of 3 touch an obstacle at more than one point. This means that you want to match a column of candies against a column of meringues or chocolate, so essentially up to three obstacles could be burst.
  • This will save you moves in the long run.
  • Match special candies together to help eliminate jelly.
  • Matching striped candies with each other is a good way to eliminate rows of jelly. Matching color bombs with striped candies is good to eliminate a large amount of the board.
  • It isn’t necessary to give the jellyfish any special attention. Just make matches normally and the jellyfish will eventually be freed. When they do burst, the jellyfish will likely chip away at the meringues. However, this isn’t something that you should count on.
  • If you are still having trouble, check out the video below to see these tips put into action!

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