Candy Crush Level 411 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 411 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 411 in no time! The goal of level 411 is to clear 76 jelly and get at least 150,000 points with just 40 moves.

Candy Crush Level 411 Cheats

  • Your goal here is to clear out 76 jellies from the board.

  • You will also need to score at least 150,000 points.
  • You will also only be given 40 moves to complete these tasks.
  • Don’t let the toffee tornadoes distract you too much.
  • They may seem overwhelming at first, but they are actually helpful for clearing meringues and chocolate.
  • Just ignore them and work around them and you will be better off.
  • Get rid of the chocolate sooner before it can multiply.
  • There are no chocolate fountains on this level, just blocks of chocolate.
  • This means that once you get rid of the chocolate, there won’t be any more that can spawn.
  • Remember your goal of clearing jelly.
  • With such a busy board as this – between the meringues, chocolate, and toffee tornadoes there is a lot to watch – it is easy to forget that you win by clearing all the jelly.
  • Make sure each move you make brings you closer to this goal.


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