Candy Crush Level 218 Cheats, Tips, and Strategy

This is how you beat level 218 of Candy Crush Saga. Follow these Candy Crush cheats, tips and strategy and you will pass level 218 in no time!

Candy Crush Level 218 Cheats

  • In Level 218 you have to achieve 10,000 points and clear all of the jelly squares in only 22 moves.

  • With only 22 moves and tricky jelly to clear, your best bet is to form special candy combinations. Luckily, there are special candies in the marmalade. So if you can form a combination like a striped candy + a wrapped candy, you can free the special candies in the game.
  • The best way to break open the licorice boxes is to create special candy combinations at the top of the board.
  • With fewer colors on the board, it will be easier to create more special candy combinations and bring them to the bottom to break the licorice boxes covering the jelly.
  • Try to match any color bombs that you make with the trapped color underneath the licorice and jelly.  This will help you to clear it more efficiently.
  • Since you do not have a lot of moves in this level, be sure to use your moves wisely.  Make sure you are picking the best option that will help you out later in the game.
  • If you happen to get a match in the jelly area, use it!


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