Marmalade Blockers

What Are Marmalade Blockers:

Marmalade blockers are first introduced to Candy Crush Saga in episode 14, level 186. Once it is introduced, marmalade blockers will continue to pop up in many different levels throughout the 200’s and 300’s. These blockers have an appearance of a brown, shimmery film covering a candy, usually a special candy. The translucent film allows you to see what is hiding underneath it, but it needs to be cleared in order to get to the actual candy. Marmalade blockers act similarly to the licorice blockers that we have previously seen.


How To Clear The Marmalade Blockers:

In order to clear the marmalade blockers, you need to make a match adjacent to it, make a match with the same kind of candy that is contained in the marmalade or use a special candy. Unlike chocolate or many of the other blockers, once the marmalade is cleared, you will be able to access the candy behind it. When you make a match adjacent to the blocker, you do not need to worry about using the same type of candy. The candy can be of any kind if you are breaking it this way. The only time the candy needs to be of the same kind is when you are making a match with the candy that is covered by the marmalade. Fortunately, the marmalade can also be cleared with special candies. The marmalade only needs to be cleared once to free the trapped candy that it is covering.

Marmalade blockers typically appear in the higher levels. It is usually covering a special candy, such as a wrapped, striped or color bomb candy. Sometimes they will cover jellyfish, coconut wheels, or other beneficial components that will help you beat a level more effectively.


When you come across the marmalade blockers in different levels, do not worry because they will not cause too much trouble. The best part about marmalade blockers is that they are usually covering a very helpful candy. This means that although you need to use a move to clear it, the candy underneath may be far more beneficial to you in the long run.

Unlike some of the more difficult blockers that appear throughout Candy Crush Saga, marmalade is quite easy to clear. With many different ways to clear it, you should not have a problem dealing with it. The best part about it is that it is usually guarding something that will only help you beat the particular level!

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