Candy Crush Candy Bombs

What are Candy Crush Candy Bombs?

bombCandy Crush Candy bombs are some of the more common blockers you will run into while playing Candy Crush. Do not confuse candy bombs with color bombs. Candy bombs are not your friend. Unlike other blockers, candy bombs have to be cleared in a set number of moves. If not, there are painful consequences. The bold numbers featured on the inside of the candy bomb correspond to the amount of moves you have left to clear the bomb before it explodes. You do not want a candy bomb to explode. If it explodes, the turn ends and you lose a life. If you’re willing to pay $1.99, you can buy a Candy Bomb diffuser to earn 5 more moves to clear the bomb.



In levels featuring candy bombs, new candy bombs can continue to drop down even after you’ve cleared all of the candy bombs located on the board. Candy bombs can also be found within other blockers, like licorice X’s.

You will run into Candy Bombs for the first time once you reach level 96. There are no patterns when it comes to the candy bomb timers. The amount of moves you have to clear them vary vastly from level to level (candy bombs in level 470 have 50 moves while candy bombs in level 275 have 3 moves). Fortunately, every cleared candy bomb earns you an extra 3,000 points.

The candy bombs can seem pretty stationary. After all, if your board runs out of moves and the pieces are shuffled, the candy bombs will not be shuffled with the rest of the pieces. Still, they are not completely immovable. You can switch a color bomb with other candies to make combinations across the board.

How Do I Get Rid of Candy Crush Candy Bombs?

Notice that a candy bomb is colored like normal candies. This means that there are two ways to clear candy bombs from the board.

  1. Through a 3-candy combination or a special candy combination.

  2. You can also clear a candy bomb if it is affected by a special candy being activated.

A candy bomb can also be cleared by another blocker–you will not have to clear a candy bomb if it is absorbed by a piece of chocolate.




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In this gif, you can see a piece of chocolate swallowing up a bomb

Don’t Forget about Candy Canons

Beginning in level 261, there are candy canons that can produce bombs, so watch out for those!


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