Candy Crush Meringues

Candy Crush Meringues

What are meringue blockers in Candy Crush Saga?

candy crush meringue

One of the peskiest and, perhaps, most constant blockers in all of Candy Crush Saga are the pesky meringues. Now, these blockers are not to be confused with whipped cream or frosting as they are a completely separate entity.

Basically, these blockers take up space on the board and give you a hard time clearing away candies. Meringues also do not hold any candy pieces beneath them. However, they may potentially contain a jelly square.

The only way to rid yourself and the board of these blockers is clear them away.

How do I clear away a meringue?

Luckily, there are two easy ways to clear away meringue blockers:

1) Much like a piece of chocolate or licorice, the first way to clear a meringue or do damage to a meringue is to simply make a match adjacent to it.

2) The second and most efficient method is to form a special candy. Special candies to look for here include:

  • Wrapped candies

  • Striped candies

You should take note that color bombs and color bomb + color bomb combos will do no damage to meringues as they are not a color.

In the case of multiple meringues, such as a columns or rows or clusters, you should try and form special candy combos. With these intrusive obstacles, you should look to the following:

  • A striped candy plus another striped candy.
  • A wrapped candy plus another wrapped candy.
  • A striped candy plus a wrapped candy.

Of course, clearing away a meringue blocker depends on what type of meringue they are.

What types of meringue are there?

As you progress further into Candy Crush Saga you are going to encounter many different types of blockers, including multi-layered meringues. Unlike a regular piece of meringue, these blockers will need to be hit multiple times with either an adjacent move or special candy. Once a multi-layered meringue is damaged, it’s appearance will change to represent how many layers are left.

Multi-layered meringues include:

  • An empty tin: These rare blockers only require one hit to be cleared from the board.candy crush meringue
  • A double-layered meringue: These blockers will require two hits to be cleared from the board.
  • A triple-layered meringue: These blockers will require three hits to be cleared from the board.
  • A quadruple-layered meringue: These blockers will require four hits to be cleared from the board.
  • A quintuple-layered meringue: These blockers will require five hits to be cleared from the board.

At times you will also encounter multi-layered meringues with jelly and double jelly squares beneath them. When you come across these types of blockers you will also need to clear away the jelly as well. So for example, a quintuple-layered jelly with a double jelly square underneath it will require 7 total hits to be cleared.

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