King Abandons Effort to Trademark ‘Candy’

The publishers of the hit game, Candy Crush Saga, have called it quits on their effort to trademark the word ‘Candy’ in the United States. However, they are still after the trademark in the EU.

Although King needs to protect themselves, and their IP, ‘Candy’ is used in many mobile gaming apps. King released a statement earlier this week stating:

“King has withdrawn its trademark application for Candy in the U.S., which we applied for in February 2013 before we acquired the early rights to Candy Crusher.

Each market that King operates in is different with regard to IP. We feel that having the rights to Candy Crusher is the best option for protecting Candy Crush in the U.S. market. This does not affect our E.U. trademark for Candy and we continue to take all appropriate steps to protect our IP.”(via IBTimes)


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If King were successful in trademarking ‘Candy’, other mobile gaming apps that already use the term would be prohibited from the continuation of using the term in their own games. When comparing other companies that use the term ‘Candy’ in their titles such as ‘Candy Swipe’, ‘Candy Dash’, and ‘Mind Candy’, King is a powerhouse in the mobile gaming world, leaving small independent companies to fend for themselves. However, King believes that multiple game titles with the term ‘Candy’ in them will leave people confused, increasing the possibility to lose customers.

We will have to wait to see how not only the gaming community reacts, but also the public and users of the game. With the recent filing of their IPO, do you think this trademark debacle will have an effect on people’s perceptions?

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