Candy Crush Makers, King, Posts New Jobs

King Digital Entertainment, the makers of “Candy Crush”, “Farm Heroes”, and many more currently employ over 650 people. King is headquartered in London, with other offices around the world in Stockholm, Barcelona, Bucharest, Malta, Malmo and San Francisco. Even though King’s IPO had a disappointing performance, they have just posted 165 jobs within their company.


King’s IPO that was released last Wednesday fell from $22.50 to $17.62. Currently the range is around is between $18.19 and $18.67. Although, “Candy Crush” has generated a large amount of revenue for the company, many people fear that they will not be able to repeat the success that this game had. However, King is trying to test new game concepts and new technology, even releasing a new word puzzle game. Either way, if King wants to grow and develop, they need to grow within their company first. In 2012, King had fewer than 400 employees and by the end of 2013 they had over 650 employees.

New Job Postings


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The 165 job postings range in many different areas and locations within the company. The breakdown of job openings is: 77 in development, engineering, design, 35 in marketing, 11 in customer insight, data analytics and data science, 13 in human resources, and 29 in other. Richard Beaudoux, an analyst at Natixis, stated:

“King has little choice but to keep investing in research and development, and expanding its operations. Of course, there is always a risk in adding employees and costs like this but the company’s ambition must be to expand its number of mobile titles beyond the three that are currently performing.”

Although King has had success with some of their games, “Candy Crush”, “Pet Rescue”, and “Farm Heroes”, they will need to continue to create hit games to compete in the gaming industry. The gaming industry is very unpredictable with new games coming to the market everyday. It is hard to judge which game will have success, especially long-term success.

Here are all of the jobs that King has posted: about.king.com/jobs/open-positions.


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